Want to save some money on your A/C expenses?

One of our goals as a management company is to help protect the integrity of your home by addressing simple maintenance tasks. Years of experience and managing hot and sweaty tenants, makes it incumbent upon us to recommend routine air conditioner maintenance.

Air Conditioning maintenance is one of the most important maintenance tasks, particularly here in Southwest Florida. It is recommended that your air conditioner is maintained at least 1-2 times per year to keep your system running efficiently and minimizing costly repairs. We highly recommend procuring a service contract to cover such items as:

  • Check A/C thermostat settings to ensure proper functionality
  • Check A/C temperatures throughout the home to determine system effectiveness
  • Inspect condensate drain to ensure proper drainage and mitigate potential water damage
  • Clean the A/C evaporator and condensor coils to improve the longevity of your system and maximize efficiency
  • Clean the A/C blower components to provide proper airflow and greater comfort levels inside your home

Our preferred air conditioning companies include Honest Air Conditioning and Aire Stryke Cooling & Heating. Both of these companies are locally owned and operated, and offer cost effective maintenance packages to suite your needs.


Please feel free to reach out to Heather Guido, our Office Manager, if you are interested in proceeding with a maintenance contract with Honest Air Conditioning or another A/C company of your choosing. She will be happy to arrange to arrange the details and get you setup.

Heather Guido

Heather Guido

Office Manager

Heather was born and raised in Florida and graduated from Venice High School in 2006. She began working in banking as a teller. Heather’s strong work ethic is evident in her advancement to Branch Manager. In October 2013, Heather joined Horse and Chaise. Heather looks forward to raising her three young children in the Venice Community. Heather enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her family. Heather and her family attend Unity Church of Venice.

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